Holly Ray


Throughout my life, I have been making images. As a child, I always had a camera with me to make sense of what I saw. As a teenager, I learned to work in darkrooms and develop my own black and white prints. As a young adult, I travelled relentlessly in order to capture the world around me through my writing and photography.

I am a born explorer and love a challenge; I have enjoyed the good fortune to have had many fascinating and highly challenging jobs in my adult life. From being a professional chess instructor for over a decade in NYC and Florida, to being accepted into the highly competitive Teach for America fellowship, where I proudly served as a public school teacher, one of the most important roles one could ever hope to hold - I have been fortunate to find opportunities to pursue my interests on a professional level. After moving to Hays, Kansas due to my husband's job, I decided to return to my first love of photography and build a business. My main hope with Holly Ray Photography is that I am able to more profoundly engage with the community around me and hopefully offer my neighbors beautiful images in the process. 

Our stories are defined by the people we love and the spaces in which we live. I would love the honor of helping keep these stories alive.